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Museum Secrets Season 2 broadcasts on History Television Canada Thursdays at 10 PM and on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 PM.

Museum Secrets is a TV show that travels to famous museums on Earth, to tell the untold stories behind their most enigmatic objects. The series is produced by Kensington Communications Inc. for History.ca

Narrated by acclaimed Canadian Actor Colm Feore, the series goes to 14 of the world’s best museums: The Vatican, Louvre, Royal Ontario Museum, Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, Natural History Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum in New York, Hermitage, American Museum of Natural History, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Imperial War Museum, National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City, Pergamon and Neues Museums in Berlin, Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, and Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul.

The show is currently in development for an upcoming season 3! BBC Worldwide has distribution rights and has aired the show on Yesterday TV (UKTV) and on BBC Knowledge, Australia.

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