Photo Credit: engadget 


Soon we will be able to say goodbye to chargers. Former Science Minister Lord Drayson, has revealed a way to harness electricity from thin air. He calls the product Freevolt and it works by harvesting ambient RF energy from high-power broadcast (DTV) and mobile network (Wifi, GSM, LTE) signals.

According to him the Freevolt has a multi-band antenna and rectifier it is used to convert AC current to DC. It won’t be able to charge our mobile phone yet but it will be more than sufficient to power low power Internet of Things ( sensors & wearables).

“It doesn’t require any extra infrastructure, it doesn’t require us to transmit any extra energy, it’s recycling the energy which isn’t being used at the moment,” he told the BBC.

There are some hurdles that his new technology will have to overcome. One of the biggest questions is will be if others will allow the use of their signals to generate free electricity.  Lord Drayson looked quite confident that he will be allowed to use their networks without them demanding a fee from him.

Well done to him and his team we are looking forward to see what else he will be coming up with.