This theory is based on just one equation (E= ˠ M˳C² )∞ and just two simple postulates:

1. Is that the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function explained mathematically by Schrödinger’s wave equation represents the forward passage of time itself

2. Is that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the w-function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own ref-frame that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

This theory is based on just one equation that can be seen as part of an objective reality (E= ˠ M˳C² )∞ the Lorentz contraction of space and time is between the energy and mass. The greater the energy the greater the contraction of space and the slower time will run. Mass will increase relative to this and each ref-frame can be seen as a vortex in space formed by the rate that time flows. The brackets represent the boundary condition of the ref-frame formed by the energy and the infinity symbol represents an infinite number of ref-frames that make up our Universe.

The potential infinity and reference frames of this theory are represented mathematically by the Set Theory of Georg Cantor. This can explain many of the paradoxes of infinity.