We live in a world where we spend most of our lives indoors and online. Most people live in urban settings and natural views are rare to come across in daily life.

I personally have been a hiker for a long time and I have always known that nature had a soothing effect not only physically but also emotionally. Scientists have proven me right by showing that nature:

Reduces stress

A study carried out in Japan showed that people walking in a natural scene will be more relaxed than people walking in an urban scene.

Since these people walked through equal distance and with similar levels of difficulty, the scientists were able to conclude that there is something beyond the exercise that made being in nature more soothing.

Though there is no a scientific explanation yet, it seems that we evolved to find nature comfortable and soothing.

Enhances happiness and reduces brooding

In my hiking days, I have always noticed that the natural scenery made me happier. A similar study like the one in Japan was done and found that people who had walked in the woodlands were found to be happier and more focused. After the walk, they were able to do better on short term memory tests than those walking through the city street.

Reducing fatigue and enhancing creativity

Scientists have also found that people on a hiking trip are more likely to solve creative testing puzzles than people waiting for the same trip.
The beautiful nature scenes may be a cause of brain activation which in turn makes one more creative and reduces fatigue.

Makes you kind and generous

After my hiking trips, I always get home with a huge zeal to be more kind and generous. Scientists have proven this effect of nature by having people who have been in different levels of beautiful nature scenes play games that are meant for testing generosity and patience. Those who had been exposed to more beautiful scenes were found to be more kind and generous.

Nature can make us livelier

Research has it that nature keeps us psychologically healthy. What makes this even more appealing is the fact that everybody can access nature by just walking outside and without spending a penny. There exists something about nature that gives us a better feeling, gives us better thinking and makes us develop a better understanding of ourselves and our surrounding. All these benefits are found in nature, let’s all enjoy our real world.

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