Can you imagine the profound shift in how we understand the human condition if someone actually figures out how to reverse the aging process?

One researcher at Harvard believes he has struck upon the answer and claims to have found a way to halt the aging process in mice.

Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School says that he has found a molecule that can reverse aging in mice:

“They drink it and we see that within a week they start to run further. And then we look at their organs and those are rejuvenated as well.”

This is incredibly exciting and yet concerning at the same time. The short version of telling the story of the research is that we allegedly have a protein in our systems which when we’re young repairs any damage to our DNA.

But as we get older, a new kind of protein blocks this original one, resulting in damage to our DNA which gives us the characteristics of being old.

Dr. Sinclair believes he’s found a molecule which goes between these proteins, resulting in the DNA repair process working again.

At present, he’s only seen this process working in mice and much work needs to be undertaken to be able to apply these findings to humans.

Of course, if this was to happen, would you ever want to be immortal? Do you want to live for hundreds or even thousands of years?

What if you could reverse the effects of aging, but we still had diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease? We may be able to prolong our life but not our quality of life.

Even if we could address these concerns, the question remains whether you want to go on living or whether you’ll lose your zest for life over time.

Finally, the reality is that if this treatment is available it will first be used by the rich. Will we see a situation where the rich improve the quality of their genes before others, resulting in a a society not only unequal in opportunity but also in genetics?

There is a lot to consider in the development of medicine that can reverse the course of aging. What do you think of extending our lifespans to live forever? Let us know in the comments.