Struggling to focus? Having sleepless nights? Not able to form new ideas and create new concepts? You’re stressed-out and as science has now found that it’s altering the size of your brain.

As a result, you are becoming incapable of performing at your best. Experiencing stress is a common thing, and it’s not at all bad. In fact, stress pushes you towards the finish line.

However, stress starts taking a toll on you when you do nothing to de-stress or relax. High-stress level aggravates cortisol level, which leads to the development of problems, like –

  1. High blood cholesterol
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Weak immune system
  4. Incapability of hippocampus of creating new brain cells
  5. Chronic depression because of excessive cortisol level in your blood

So, here’s how you can fight stress and rejuvenate your mind.

Practice meditation.

Meditation is an ancient discipline of yoga. It is one of the best ways to curb stress. It an exercise for your brain. Start by focusing on deep breathing. Regular meditation will help in open up your brain and channelize an increased flow of blood – which will further boost your memory, concentration level and creativity power.

Do regular exercise.

Exercises are important for your body, mind and soul. Workout regimes like biking, running, walking and weight training will help in pumping up blood sugar in a natural manner and lower your stress level. With regular exercise, you will make your body capable of sustaining daily life activities in an effective and sound way.

Analyze stress and start altering the pattern.

It is crucial to evaluate your stress and its origin. Once you are done analyzing it, start changing the course slowly. If you’re feeling stressed at home, determine how to get rid of the chaos. Being overwhelmed will only throw you over the fence. The key is to sit down, relax and work on a plan to kill the buzz, before it destroys your mental and physical health.