Have you ever been searching for your keys only to find they’ve been in your hand the whole time? Or forgot where you put your glasses, even though you just put them down ten minutes earlier?

Instead of fearing you may be suffering from early signs of dementia, a new study shows this might be a great sign.


It means your brain is waiting for more useful information and is able to sort the junk from the prized possessions.

Although this study has been questioned and dismissed before, the new study from University of Toronto points out a few very important details.

1.The part of the brain associated with memory- the hippocampus, is just making room for more important details

It was found that the more new neuron growth that took place in this region, the more forgetful we become.

2. The point of memory is to be able to give an intelligent person the ability to make decisions under certain circumstances

Imagine you’re in danger and your brain is bogged down with useless junk. If only you could remember that escape tactic or self defense move.Our memories are meant to serve us in times of danger or for circumstances that become questionable to us and to guide us to the best possible decision.

3. Our brains start to generalize information rather than remember details

With memory overload our brains start to generalize information over time, making a unique experience dull and taking away the ability to focus in on specific details. Your morning walk to the train becomes the same each day, even though it’s not.

Michael Anderson of The University of Oregon states “the process of forgetting serves a good, functional purpose”

So next time you’re being hard on yourself for losing your glasses, take a breath, you could be making room for more important information coming your way.

Nova Johnstone is a Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, Freelance Writer and Mentor to many young students. Based in Ireland she is the owner of Destination Dance Ireland where she helps Pre Professional Students take steps towards a career.