Why is it so damn hard to lose weight? Seriously? There seems to be a million wants to lose weight, but do any of them actually work?

I mean, isn’t the entire diet industry built on your failure so you will continue to buy their products, drink their shakes, eat their bars, and give them money?

Think about it, the diet industry succeeds where you fail, so why would they give you diet solutions that actually work? You won’t need them if you lose weight successfully. 

That’s why it’s also so hard for people who do lose weight to keep it off. There is an entire industry out there betting against your success. If you manage to lose the weight and keep it off, you must be some kind of superhero because the truth is that diets are designed to fail.


Sure, it sounds great: grind up your fruits and vegetables to help you digest your nutrients faster and easier than ever before.

But there is a growing body of evidence and naysayers that say juicing isn’t as healthy as it appears to be. Because people are consuming large amounts of pureed or “juiced” fruits and vegetables, they are forgetting that they are still consuming calories, and they don’t change enough of their lifestyle to actually see results overall.

If you drink a large glass of juiced fruit and vegetables for lunch, you might be tempted to eat a sandwich or grab a high calorie protein bar thinking that you still have many calories left for the day.

What researchers are finding is that if you consume large amounts of fruit in juiced form, you are ingesting a great deal of sugar, which your body processes and then can’t use, and then it turns to fat. Couple that with the added calories, sugar, fat, and sodium of including a meal with your juiced lunch and suddenly you are consuming more calories that you realize.

Fasting and Detoxing

Come on, people. You need food to live. Your brain needs carbohydrates to function. Fasting has been popular for a while and there is mounting evidence that it is a dangerous practice.

When you stop eating for fear of gaining weight, you have effectively given yourself an eating disorder. Sure, overeating is also a form of eating disorder, but at least when you are overeating your brain is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to function.

Your body isn’t starving itself trying to function. Detoxing is a slippery slope as well because it usually means limiting your food intake drastically, but replacing the food you would eat with “good for you” shakes, drinks, pills, and other forms of weight loss products that clean out your gut. Sounds delightful.

People swear by it, but in a world where we have access to so much healthy food, we shouldn’t punish our bodies for our bad choices. Giving your body good, clean food can do more for it than starving ever could.

“Healthy Fats” are Good Fats

There is a growing group of believers that oil and healthy fats can be consumed without consideration. As with anything, moderation is key, but because oils like coconut oil and olive oil have increased in popularity in recent years, people are consuming more saturated fats than they realize.

This study took a shot at the supposed health benefits of coconut oil. They say that the oil has more saturated fat than even butter or lard, but its popularity has surged in recent years due to many reports of health benefits.

It said the “current claims of documented health benefits of the tropical oils are unsubstantiated…and use of these oils should be discouraged.”

People think the counterbalance of the healthy effects outweigh the damage being done by saturated fats.

But think about this for a minute: if a coconut oil manufacturer pays for advertising that says coconut oil is good for you, then you open a magazine and see a full page ad for coconut oil, and then your diet coach tells you to eat a few spoonfuls of oil per day, WHAMO! Suddenly people think it’s okay to eat this stuff by the handfuls.

So whether you are trying to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, make sure you do your homework about the options that are out there for you. Start slowly and make little changes that you can see yourself continuing for the rest of your life. Focus on changing your entire lifestyle and not just the food you eat, and you’ll be more likely to experience long term success.