How do you make a sexy story out of clean energy? You humanize your solar energy brand by incorporating it into a home and taking that home on a road trip.

Brilliant. After all, we can all relate to a home. Even if it is tiny.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s clean energy company, has built the Tesla Tiny House, and is taking it on a road trip through Australia – an interesting choice for the marketing campaign, seeing that Australia still largely depends on coal for its energy needs.

The Tesla Tiny House incorporates all that Tesla can offer homeowners to be able to turn their homes into a renewable ecosystem including a mobile design studio to help homeowners calculate how their homes can generate clean energy, using Tesla’s solar panels, and storing it in the Tesla Power wall. All this is monitored and controlled by the Tesla app. And the whole ecosystem on wheels gets towed through Australia with a Tesla Model X.

A comprehensive marketing ploy, don’t you think?

No, one more thing.

To complete the sustainable message, the Tesla Tiny House was built using sustainable timber that was not treated with chemicals.

According to the press release, the tiny house is 6m x 2.2m x 4m and powered by 100% renewable energy via a 2 kW solar system that uses 6 solar panels and 1 Tesla Powerwall for storage.

The aim of the road show is to educate the Australian public on how to generate, store and use renewable energy for their homes.

The tour started off in Melbourne and will stop off at all major cities with invitations to Australians to request a stop in their town.

Tesla is using electricity and solar energy to show the world that it is possible to chuck our dependence on fossil fuels and instead thrive on clean energy. And the company is doing it by providing a complete solution: solar panels and power solar roof tiles to collect energy, Powerwall battery to store the collected energy and Tesla electric cars that creates zero emissions.

And then Tesla puts it all in a neat package and takes it on tour to potential customers.

I still say, there’s a mastermind behind all this.