If you had to narrow down everything that’s important to you in one tweet, would you be able to do it?

This was the challenge set forth by one scientist on Twitter this week, and hundreds of scientists have leapt at the chance to explain what is most interesting about their work and why it matters.

It’s provided a fascinating glimpse into what scientists think the world should know about their work during a time when it seems the role of science in the United States is becoming increasingly politicized.

It all began with this tweet from Dalton Ludwick, a doctoral researcher in entomology.

Scientists around the world jumped on board with the hash tag, with some using the opportunity to discuss some of the important issues of the day.

Others saw it as an opportunity to clear up some scientific misconceptions they often see with the public.

Others were more polemic.

Mostly, scientists used it as an opportunity to share interesting facts about their field.