An amateur photographer has snapped photos of what appears to be two male lions having sex at a Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, England.

Warehouse manager Russ Bridges, 42, was with his wife Mandy when he snapped the big cats having some fun together.

He told Mercury Press, “There are two males and a female in that pride. One of the lions suddenly got up, walked over and jumped on his friend’s back.”

The incident was seen by several onlookers, many of whom found it funny.

Russ said: “I’ve never seen a shot of two males on top of one another with one sticking his tongue out before – it’s like he’s showing some pride in what he’s doing.”

He added: “I absolutely adore animals, I can’t even bring myself to kill a fly or a spider, and love the conservation work that the park [does].”

It’s not clear whether the lion on top was exerting dominance over the other lion or was responding to the lack of attention received from the female lioness, although park director Cheryl Williams subsequently said she believes the two male lions are just playing in a boisterous way.

It’s not the first time that male lions have been spotted having sex. Rob the Ranger captured the following video in South Africa, although clarifies in the caption to the video that the mounting is a show of affection rather than an indication of the lions being gay. See for yourself:

Another video captured male lions having sex at Kruger National Park in South Africa in 2008, with the caption “being such social animals, homosexuality is a common thing among lions.”