Earth Just Permanently Passed Climate Threshold

Earth Just Permanently Passed Climate Threshold


Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere stayed above 400 parts per million (ppm) during September—a time when CO2 levels typically hit the yearly low—raising fears that the planet has reached a point of no return.

“Concentrations will probably hover around 401 ppm over the next month as we sit near the annual low point. Brief excursions towards lower values are still possible but it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year—or ever again for the indefinite future,” Ralph Keeling, director of the CO2 program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, wrote in a blog post.

The increase in CO2 levels runs parallel to a marked increase in global temperatures.


Your Brain On Ayahuasca: The Hallucinogenic Drug

Your Brain On Ayahuasca: The Hallucinogenic Drug

Ayahuasca  is an entheogenic brew made out ofBanisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf. The brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the Indigenous peoples of Amazonia.

It can be mixed with the leaves of chacruna or chagropanga, dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing plant species. [via]

How does the popular new drug Ayahuasca affect your brain?

People Who Became Geniuses After Brain Injuries

People Who Became Geniuses After Brain Injuries

Some people are born with the prodigious ability to play an instrument or create art, but a rare few have acquired that talent after a brain injury. Here are ten people whose brain injury unlocked a hidden skill.

Number 10.

Chiropractor Jon Sarkin had a stroke which left him with a persistent ringing noise in his head. A risky surgical procedure removed part his brain and left him semi-comatose. When he woke up, he was overcome with the constant need to draw. Since then, Sarkin has become a world-renowned artist, with pieces of his selling for $10,000.

Number 9.

Unfortunately, not all new skills acquired after a brain injury are welcomed. Those who suffer from Foreign Accent Syndrome, such as Kath Locket, speak in a tone completely different than their native-tongue. In Locket’s case, she went from having a Staffordshire accent to an Eastern European one.

Number 8.

After suffering a stroke, Tommy McHugh became a creative powerhouse, unable to stop himself from writing, painting or sculpting. Of his immense output, McHugh said his paintings represent “a snapshot of a millisecond of his brain.” He passed away in 2012.

Number 7.

After falling down a ravine and suffering a brain injury, Leigh Erceg became a completely different person. She didn’t even recognize her own mother. Now mathematically and artistically inclined, Erceg says she can “see” sound and “hear” color.

Number 6.

Nicknamed “Brain Man” in Britain, Daniel Tammet was either born a savant or gained his skills after a seizure as a child. He possesses not only incredible mathematical abilities but can also memorize languages within a week. He’s fluent in nine languages, including one he made up himself called “Manti.”

Number 5.

After a brain injury in 2002, former furniture salesman Jason Padgett began seeing everything in the world as a mathematical structure. He’s one of only a handful of people globally that can draw approximations of fractals by hand.

Number 4.

After getting into a car accident, Australian Ben McMahon woke up from a coma able to fluently talk and write in Mandarin, a language he briefly studied in school.His new fluency initially affected his ability to speak English.

Number 3.

After a dive into a pool left him with a concussion, Derek Amato became a musical savant. With only a bit of guitar playing in his past, the injury is believed to have rewired Amato’s brain, making him a piano virtuoso.

Number 2.

Orlando Serrell was hit in the head with a baseball when he was 10. After the injury, he discovered the ability to perform calendrical calculations, while also remembering the weather, what he was doing and where on every date since.

Number 1.

When Alonzo Clemons was three, he suffered a head injury. To date, his IQ is only 40, but he’s an incredibly gifted sculptor, able to make intricately designed animals out of clay, from memory, in only a matter of minutes. What do you think is the most interesting acquired skill?