Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

If you’re ready to put down roots for a long time and buy a house you can truly afford, owning has worked out very well for most people. But renting doesn’t always mean you’re just “throwing your money away”.

If you’re disciplined with your finances, then renting can be a perfectly fine lifestyle choice in the short term without putting you behind financially. It can even make sense over the long term for very financially disciplined individuals.

For a more detailed explanation, including a spreadsheet you can download to adjust the variables:

To start to understand when it can make sense, this video helps explain some of the variables that can affect the success of renting (and investing) as well as owning.

Teacher Delights Students With Incredible Chalkboard Drawings

Teacher Delights Students With Incredible Chalkboard Drawings


Artist and Japanese school teacher Hirotaka Hamasaki has been delighting his students with incredible chalkboard drawings.

The artworks are a mix of original works and impressive recreations of famous paintings such as da Vinci’s Last Supper, Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa and Picasso’s Guernica.








For more, check out Hamasaki’s artwork on Twitter and Instagram

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