How to Rebuild the World From Scratch

How to Rebuild the World From Scratch

Maybe an asteroid hit Earth. Perhaps a nuclear war reduced our cities to radioactive rubble. Or an avian flu killed almost everyone on Earth. However it happened, the world as we know it is over and we must start again. So how do we set about rebuilding our world from scratch?

In this Ri event, Lewis Dartnell takes us, the survivors, by the hand as we reconnect with the basic skills and knowledge which our lives and world depend upon. How do you grow food and make clothes? Or generate energy and develop medicines? We are taken on a journey of rediscovery that transforms our understanding of the world.

David Attenborough’s Zoo Quest

David Attenborough’s Zoo Quest

Sir David Frederick Attenborough is an English broadcaster and naturalist. His career as the face and voice of natural history programmes has endured for 60 years.
Please take a moment to watch clips from the great man’s first documentary series Zoo Quest.

The Dog Headed Men? Indri Lemur – Zoo Quest to Madagascar

First transmitted in 1961, a young David Attenborough goes on a search for the strange creatures that inhabit Madagascar. David hopes to attract the attention of the Indri Lemur with a recording of their calls. But where are they in the canopy, and how close can David get to them?

The Shady Gecko – Zoo Quest to Madagascar

David and the crew are looking for the elusive gecko and with a bit of luck, find a very cleverly camouflaged example.

The Magnificent Ruffed Lemur – Zoo Quest to Madagascar

The magnificent and increasingly rare Ruffed Lemur takes the spotlight as David explains the reasons behind its black and white fur.

 Cutest Animal in the World? The Tenrec

David goes looking in the undergrowth of a eucalyptus plantation to discover something a little bit special.

Scientific Sensation of the Century! Coelacanth

David and the crew experience what its like to bring in the catch on a tuna fishing boat and see first hand what a hungry shark can do.

Putting an Elephant Bird Egg Together

Having been gifted a large amount of shell fragments from the local people, David excitedly sets about piecing them together to see if he can create a whole egg.

Harmless Lunatic and the Giant Egg

His goal is to find the egg of the now extinct Aepyornis, or Elephant Bird, but will he be able to reconstruct it from only fragments?

The Neuroscience of Memory

The Neuroscience of Memory

Our memories are our lives, and a fundamental basis of our culture. Collective memoirs of the past both bind society together and shape our potential future. With our brains we can travel through time and space, calling to mind places of significance, evoking images and emotions of past experiences. It’s no wonder, then, that we so desperately fear the prospect of memory loss.

Many regions of the brain are involved in memory, but one of the most critical components is the hippocampus, which plays a crucial role in the formation of long-term memories. Damage to the hippocampus can therefore result in significant memory loss.

In this Ri event, Eleanor Maguire draws on evidence from virtual reality, brain imaging and studies of amnesia to show that the consequences of hippocampal damage are even more far-reaching than suspected, robbing us of our past, our imagination and altering our perception of the world.

Maguire also explains how, despite our beliefs, our memories are not actually as accurate as you might think. In fact, they’re not really even about the past.