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Psychology Dissertation Writing Guide for Students

A dissertation in any discipline is a tall order for any student. Dissertations will require students to conduct research of their own choosing. This is both an exciting, yet challenging prospect. Yes, students are able to tackle something that is in their wheelhouse...

Mind & Brain

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Health & Psychology

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First Gene For Grey Hair Found

The first gene identified for greying hair has been discovered by an international UCL-led study, confirming greying has a genetic component and is not just environmental. Published in Nature Communications, the study analysed a population of over 6,000 people with...


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8 Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Even Existed

Life on Earth doesn’t cease to amaze us with the diversity of its species. Some are familiar to everyone while some others are unusual and not well-known; some are cute, others are ugly. There also are some strange animals on this planet that you probably have never...


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Gravitational Waves: Echoes From the Big Bang

Scientists are getting closer than ever to understanding the origins of the Universe. For the first time, they have glimpsed behind the veil that covers the Big Bang, spotting the footprints of something called primordial gravitational waves. For those studying the beginning of the Universe, this is big news.


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