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Health & Psychology

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First Gene For Grey Hair Found

The first gene identified for greying hair has been discovered by an international UCL-led study, confirming greying has a genetic component and is not just environmental. Published in Nature Communications, the study analysed a population of over 6,000 people with...


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Pluto Spectacular New Backlit Panorama

These are the latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft from Pluto, that left baffled scientists, for their breathtaking views of majestic icy mountains, streams of frozen nitrogen and haunting low-lying hazes, and for their strangely familiar, arctic look.


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History of Photography

Photography has been a medium of limitless possibilities since it was originally invented in the early 1800s. The use of cameras has allowed us to capture historical moments and reshape the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

The Antikythera Mechanism

More than 21 centuries ago, a mechanism of fabulous ingenuity was created in Greece, a device capable of indicating exactly how the sky would look for decades to come — the position of the moon and sun, lunar phases and even eclipses. But this incredible invention would be drowned in the sea and its secret forgotten for two thousand years.